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For its part, fruit trees such as lemon tahiti variety, in bulk of 72 kilos, reached a price ranging between 100 and 120 thousand pesos, while the common variety is half price.
For flyers on "economy deal fares," the checked baggage allowance will be up to 23 kilos, while those who are on "economy saver" and "classic fares" will get 35 kilos.
Tea exports in eight of the leading markets reduced by 73,546,583 kilos during the period, while Pakistan and Poland reported a cumulative growth of 15,032,008 kilos, bringing the total reduction to 58,514,575 kilos.
But Rostami was an astounding 12 kilos ahead of the bronze medal winner.
The shoreline haul consisted of 7 kilos of nets, 9 kilos of ropes, 10 kilos of plastic, 3 kilos of styrofor packaging, 1.
Robert Ace Barbers made this discovery being considered by the House dangerous drugs committee he chairs that conducted an inquiry into the 604 kilos of shabu shipment that slipped past the Customs and ended in two warehouses in Valenzuela City.
5 kilos of cocaine, three packages with three kilos of cannabis, five mobile phones, and a precision scale.
Pomegranates topped the list of items destroyed with more than 22,000 kilos, followed by apples and tangerines with 20,049 and 18,889 kilos respectively.
Lydia Bamford, seven, won silver in the primary under-28 kilos and Jack Barnett, 10, bronze in the junior boys' under-40 kilos conest.
Some 300 kilos of mishandled meat products were seized by a team led by the National Meat Inspection Service (NMIS) in Muntinlupa City, Wednesday night.
They used five kilos of plain flour, 25 kilos of unsalted butter, 11 kilos of caster sugar, five kilos of cocoa powder and 28 kilos of icing sugar, plus 400 free range eggs.
He said that in the course of two first operations that led to a severe confrontation by Pakistan, Afghan and Iranian anti-narcotics forces with drug traffickers 196 kilos opium and 175 kilos heroin were seized.
Over 50 kilos of sugar, 30 kilos of butter, 10 gallons of molasses, 3 kilos of ginger, 1 kilo of cinnamon, 150 kilos of pastry flour were used in the construction of the houses.
Six kilos of cocaine, 22 kilos of speed and 20 kilos of herbal cannabis were found during a search of a lorry in Kilkeel.
He said 410 kilos of heroin, 29 kilos of morphine, 10768 kilos of opium, 5439 kilos of hashish and 1703 kilos of chemical substance being used in making narcotics were seized during that period.