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a metric unit of length equal to 1000 meters (or 0

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Likewise, they may provide information on relative deer abundance, either represented by the total number of animals seen in a given count (Belant and Seamans 2000), or expressed through kilometric indices using individual deer counts or group counts (Garel et al.
In the Quebrada de Cortaderas, rocks are folded by a kilometric scale anticline with an overturned limb more than 2 km thick dipping 60[degrees] to the east and a normal limb dipping 40[degrees] in the same sense way (Fig.
Meanwhile, we recorded the GPS, elevation, kilometric Marker of each camera correspondingly, perpendicular distance of each camera to KKH (by Distance Measuring Equipment in field or in Google-earth), habitat, landform, etc as well (Table I).
Decades ago, a strong and naturally occurring radio signal, called Saturn kilometric radiation (SKR), was believed to give an accurate measurement of a Saturn day.
Job further involves preparing relevant digital survey maps, proposing possible amendments or new irrigation control facilities at subsidiary canals, planning for the mesqas, determining locations of the lifting stations, their discharge capacities & pressures, of pumps capacities & their kilometric locations specified by survey maps to be submitted to the concerned electricity distribution companies, also specifying detailed construction designs for the equipment shelters and collectors according to engineering charts, also preparing relevant tender documents.
I also suggested that students compare their kilometric distances with each other and to discuss why they were different and to check if their answers seemed realistic.
The refinery will be operational in 2011 and will start operations with a capacity of 180 kilometric tons with scope to expand to 360 kilometric tons.
For comparison with other Amazonian and Atlantic forest sites, we arranged the data in a kilometric index indicating the number of primate groups sighted per 10 km walked (hereafter termed number of sightings).
Resolutions: the source of kilometric continuum radiation, solar-wind and auroral intensity effects on ionospheric out flow and the relationship between proton and electron auroras during geospace storms.
To describe it, we shall use a classic regression formula: y = ax+b, where y represents the density of firms calculated in terms of kilometric rings around the core city, and x the distance to the city centre.
2001), which is not exposed in southern Gaspe, was affected by compressive deformation and kilometric strike-slip displacements (Jutras et al.
This change was designed to be revenue neutral, but revenues turned out to be 15 per cent higher than expected, prompting the government to reduce the kilometric levy by 10 per cent in 2001.
The distance from monitoring sites was estimated as the kilometric air travel distance from Oslo.
Range Wave Name Designation Temperature 30-300 Hz Megametric ELF 300-3,000 Hz VF 3-30 kHz Myriametric VLF 30-300 kHz Kilometric LF 300-3,000 kHz Hectometric MF 3-30 MHz Decametric HF 30-300 MHz Metric VF 300-3,000 MHz Decimetric UHF 3-30 GHz Centimetric SHF 30-300 GHz Millimetric EHF 300-3,000 GHz IR 3-30 THz IR 29-290 30-300 THz IR 290-2,900 300-3,000 THz Visible 2,900-29,000 3-30 PHz UV 30-300 PHz X-ray 300-3,000 PHz Gamma rays 3-30 EHz ?