kilometres per hour

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the ratio of the distance traveled (in kilometers) to the time spent traveling (in hours)

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China Aerospace Science & Industry Corporation claimed in August that it was developing a "flying train" capable of travelling up to 4,000 kilometres per hour, 10 times faster than the high-speed trains running between Beijing and Shanghai.
The maximum speed limit has so far been 120 kilometres per hour, although it went up to 130 kilometres by hour in some places.
For the really brave there's bob racing, for three riders and a pilot, which reaches speeds of up to 120 kilometres per hour.
The i3 carries a 170 horspower engine, which allows it to accelerate from zero to 100 kilometres per hour in 6.
On five kilometres the maximum speed will be raised to 100 kilometres per hour.
Using the CRIRES instrument on the VLT, a team of Dutch astronomers from Leiden University and the Netherlands Institute for Space Research (SRON) have now found that the equatorial rotation velocity of exoplanet Beta Pictoris b is almost 100 000 kilometres per hour.
Myerscough Road, a gravel road mainly used by farm vehicles, between Cockshutt Road and 860 metres east of Cockshutt Road--from 80 to 40 kilometres per hour.
Usagi, packing sustained winds of 240 kilometres per hour (150 miles per hour) with gusts of nearly 300 kilometres per hour, brought torrential rain and strong winds to the Philippines and Taiwan on Saturday.
The bullet train will travel at speeds of 300 kilometres per hour and will more than halve the time taken to travel between Beijing and Guangzhou which was previously estimated at nearly 21 hours.
at 300 kilometres per hour, which would reduce the inter-holy city journey time to a mere two hours.
A 12-YEAR-OLD boy was caught driving his mother's car at 110 kilometres per hour on a main street in Larnaca on Sunday putting other drivers at risk, police said.
0 litre twin-turbocharged engine that delivers 225 kW at 5800 rpm and accelerates from zero to 100 kilometres per hour in 5.
The rain is made of liquid methane and forms droplets 5mm wide that crash to the ground at more than 100 kilometres per hour (64mph).
The plane was equipped with polar navigation hardware and the crew patiently waited in Rothera for a weather break to fly over nine hours at 10,000 feet at around 269 kilometres per hour to their destination.
The crew becomes more cantankerous as Sturla proclaims it a "perfectly sunny day" with winds that are gusting to 160 kilometres per hour.