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a metric unit of volume or capacity equal to 1000 liters

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According to the proposal, all households in NDMC areas with a metered water connection will get free 20 kilolitres water per month and 50 per cent subsidy on power consumption of up to 400 units.
56 million kilolitres is for subsidised diesel for vehicles, with the rest to used by power plants and non-subsidised sectors such as mining and plantations.
Domestic biodiesel sales may jump to 3 million kilolitres this year, up from 1.
Later phases would raise the total storage capacity to 835,000 kilolitres.
16 million kilolitres, or 495,000 barrels per day, of crude oil in the three months to June, a drop of 12 per cent from a year earlier, the company said.
It offers storage tank capacity of about 1 million kilolitres (6.
9 million kilolitres of crude oil, or about 407,000 barrels per day, in April-June.
3% to 24 561 kilolitres in September 2013, after registering a record five-year high of 26 216 kilolitres a month ago.
36 kilolitres (682,000 barrels per day), so the year-on-year fall was less than a Reuters projection of 7 per cent.