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a metric unit of volume or capacity equal to 1000 liters

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000 kiloliters of ethanol a year as motor vehicle fuel.
Prior to Japan's entry into World War II crude oil production, for example, in 1940, was 334,834 kiloliters (88.
Its market share in Shanghai stood at 34% in 2000, with total sales of 180,000 kiloliters of beer.
It was selected in December 2013 to distribute an added 640,000 kiloliters of subsidized fuel all through 2014.
Head of the Fiscal Policy Agency at the finance ministry Bambang Brodjonegoro said tighter control would be imposed this year to prevent consumption of subsidized oil fuels (BBM) from exceeding the target of 46 million kiloliters in 2013.
2 percent to 208,853 kiloliters, contrasting sharply with the 10.
1 percent from a year earlier to 557,107 kiloliters, the first rise in two months, despite two of the brewers posting declines in shipments, the Japanese brewers reported.
The company will improve the terminal to store 300,000 kiloliters of marine fuel oil (MFO), up by 90,000 kiloliters.
The need for additional subsidy was a result of the expected increase in the quota for subsidized BBM from 40 million kiloliters to 47 million kiloliters.
The company expects to sell about 900,000 kiloliters, or 71.
To brew some 7 million kiloliters of beer, Japan usually imports 750,000-900,000 tonnes of malt each year on top of 40,000-80,000 tonnes produced at home.
The plant's capacity will be increased from the current 30,000 kiloliters to 100,000 kiloliters by 1998.
57 million kiloliters for the fifth consecutive monthly decline, while domestic sales increased 2.
Redesmon said in 2010, total sales of lube oils reached 550,000 kiloliters with 90% for domestic market.
8 million kiloliters, down 14% from a year earlier.