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Wakawa also said that the command had 242,000 kilogrammes of illicit drugs as exhibits and that the court had approved the destruction of 136,000 kilogrammes of the substances.
For individuals, the target was 500 kilogrammes of paper, 50 kilogrammes of plastics, 25 mobile phones, 50 kilogrammes of TetraPak, 50 kilogrammes of cans or 50 toners over a month.
The campaign has helped us divert from the landfill a total of 178,134 kilogrammes of paper, 5,222 kilogrammes of plastics, 1,625 toners, 576 kilogrammes of TetraPak and 283 mobile phones," EEG Chairperson Habiba Al Marashi, said.
Wheat prices during the month of June surged to Rs 2450 to 2500 per 100 kilogrammes in the open market of Karachi, which is higher than the old prices of Rs 2360 to 2375 per 100 kilogramme.
Wholesale price of the commodity also surged to Rs 62 to 63 per kilogramme compared to old prices of Rs 57 to 58 per kilogramme.
The ex-mill price of flour currently stands at Rs 32 per kilogramme, while chakki flour is being sold at around Rs 32 to Rs 34 per kilogramme.