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Not to be picky, but I wish to point out that the antenna on the corvette HMCS Shawinigan (misidentified in the photo caption on page 46) was for Medium Frequency Direction Finding (MF/DF) by using, in particular, the Marconi MDF5 receiver which had a frequency range of 265 to 670 kilocycles.
At the time, WIL shared 1200 kilocycles with WMAY and KFWF.
The company was assigned the call letters WSAI and the frequency of 970 kilocycles.
Carola, the RFE's 740,000-watt broadcast-band transmitter on 719 kilocycles, went on the air officially at 5:00 a.
Both the kilocycles and the channels are fairly dripping with crime and it is time that a halt was called.
Here, 160, 320 and 420 kilocycles were applied, with 40 N axial load, at room temperature, 13 Hz frequency and to 2 mm elongation.