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He set new world records in the snatch with 220 kilos and for the total with 477 kilos.
Potatoes - Local - No control price Potatoes - imported - Rs 120 per kilo
5 kilos of cocaine, three packages with three kilos of cannabis, five mobile phones, and a precision scale.
The price rose to 69p per kilo last month and the magazine is reporting that growers expect that in the coming months the price will reach the 80p per kilo seen two years ago.
Kilo was due to be released from prison last Friday "but his release was delayed until Tuesday," Qorabi said.
Pursuant to the transaction, the company has acquired from shareholders of Kilo all of Kilo's issued and outstanding shares, by way of an amalgamation between Kilo and 2183516 Ontario Inc, a subsidiary of the company.
5 kilos of King Edward potatoes and Clover regular/lighter spread 500g.
OPTOMA EZPRO 725 Proyector DLP 1,100 lumenes, entrada analogica y HDTV digital, 1 kilo.
The side, who train in a barn just outside Penistone, proved a tug above the rest as they successfully defended their 560 kilo and 600 kilo titles at Huddersfield Sports Centre.
The University of Hawaii's School of Oceanic and Earth Science and Technology (SOEST) blessed a new research vessel, the $54-million RV Kilo Moana, in September 2002.
Heifers sold up to pounds 562 for a 535 kilo Belgian Blue heifer from Mr G Jones.
18 per kilo last week, while the total amount exported was 5,254 metric tonnes, according to the national statistics agency.
The heavy, waxed cardboard cartons are marked 153 kilo, 146 kilo, 133 kilo .
In 1982 we were selling cattle at 106 pence a kilo and corn at pounds 120 a kilo.
Las algas, de las que la mas importante es la Gracileria Chilensis, conocida en Chile como pelillo, se cosechan, se secan en las playas y se venden a una procesadora que las convierte en un fino polvo blanco, que se vende a US$15,50 el kilo en Japon.