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dried in a kiln

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The wood is part of the second batch to be kiln-dried after the tree was cut down in November 2016, said Mary Lou Wehrli, a Naperville Parks Foundation board member.
Our clients became aware of the value of kiln-dried lumber and learned to trust our products.
Wait for a day when your driveway is dry, then brush the kiln-dried sand in between the mono blocks using a stiff brush.
Dumpy bags of logs were fetching pounds 64, which was around 20-25% above reserve levels, and even the top-level kiln-dried stuff went 20% above reserve.
Kiln-dried beams were also virtually free of checking, reflecting the mild kiln cycle used.
Features include a sturdy all-steel frame and kiln-dried hardwood deck that muffles noise and protects the load from damage.
They are manufactured from prime kiln-dried, slow grown pressure treated European spruce and harvested from responsibly managed forests.
It's created by heating kiln-dried wood to 212 degrees F and introducing steam.
Quality frames are made with kiln-dried wood to prevent them from warping and cracking.
The bamboo rugs are expertly kiln-dried and carbonized to prevent cracking and warping.
Although the drowned trees contain more moisture than living trees, the lumber can be air- or kiln-dried with little trouble, according to Triton.
Woodway Architectural Deckrail panels are manufactured of clear, kiln-dried and molded Western red cedar that coordinates with several different deck rail accessories--posts, balusters and top, sub, and bottom rails.
It is estimated that about 50 per cent of the finished, kiln-dried and planed lumber will leave the Fort William sawmill for market by rail, while the remainder will leave by truck.
Mendel said that Warrior is a "wet" India Pale Ale, in that it uses freshly-picked hops instead of the kiln-dried variety.
All of the teak timber is kiln-dried and seasoned before cutting, resulting in dimensional stability and a lifetime of use.