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Historical biogeography of Cynolebiasine annual killifishes inferred from dispersal-vicariance analisys.
Molecular perspective on evolution and zoogeography of cyprinodontid killifishes (Teleostei; Atherinomorpha).
Overall, numerical dominance in the fish assemblage has shifted from minnows (family Cyprinidae) to pupfishes and killifishes (family Cyprinodontidae).
Closing of the Tethys Sea and the phylogeny of Eurasian killifishes (Cyprinodontif-ormes: Cyprinodontidae).
The relationships and taxonomic position of the halfbeak, killifishes, silversides, and their relatives.
This genus is a speciose clade of West African killifishes, with over 80 species inhabiting small streams from Togo to Angola along the coastal plain, on the inland plateau, and the lowlands of the Congo River basin (Huber 2000).
Species delimitation in annual killifishes from the Brazilian Caatinga, the Hypsolebias flavicaudatus complex (Cyprin-odontiformes: Rivulidae): implications for taxonomy and conservation.
2001) also found molecular evidence of multiple colonization events in killifishes of the genus Fundulus.
Rivulus gransabanae, a new species of killifishes from Venezuela (Cyprinodontiformes: Rivulidae).
The relationships and taxonomic position of the halfbeaks, killifishes, silversides, and their relatives.