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(law) the unlawful act of capturing and carrying away a person against their will and holding them in false imprisonment

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In the United States, virtual kidnapping is spreading, with law enforcement agencies in New York, Florida, Georgia and Texas recently issuing warnings about the crime.
Minister of State for Population Hala Youssef held Tuesday an urgent meeting with Ministry of Interior representatives to discuss the increasing numbers of child kidnappings.
The kidnapping occurred in northwestern Idlib province, where Al-Nusra and its allies wield considerable influence.
She also warned that Australian Consular services may be limited in places identified having high kidnapping risk.
The Assessment concludes that "T he increasing fusion of ideological actors with common criminals, both seeking and dividing money for their activities, is producing marked spikes in Kidnapping for Ransom and Extortion in areas formerly though to be immune from such events.
The 13 are accused of kidnapping both foreigners and Yemenis.
Moreover, the President of Jamhoori Watan Party (JWP), Nawabzada Talal Akbar Bugti also strongly condemned the kidnapping of the ANP leader and said that the government failed to provide protection of the masses and the incidents of kidnapping for ransom have become a matter of routine in the province.
Earlier today, Baba Ramdev charged the ruling Congress Party of stooping to new low levels to settle political scores, and said that charges of kidnapping levelled against his brother and the ashram was a conspiracy to malign his image.
The recent kidnapping of the THY pilots is thought to be an attempt to save those nine IRG members.
The protesters said they would continue staging sit-ins as long as their relatives remained in police custody, saying the kidnapping of their nine relatives was politically motivated, as was the kidnapping of the Turkish pilots last month.
Bishkek will host "Stop bride kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan
Baroud said four people had been arrested in connection with the March 23 kidnapping and that authorities had some important leads in the case.
Jonathan Haynes, of Saxon Street, Northampton, is also charged with a series of other rapes as well as kidnapping and attempted kidnap.
Kidnapping is thriving in the Philippines, which last year had more such cases than any time since at least 1995, according to a business risk consultancy firm.
ISLAMABAD, July 26 -- Cases of kidnapping for ransom disappearance of people are increasing in the federal capital.