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someone who unlawfully seizes and detains a victim (usually for ransom)

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Judge John Hlophe told the 52-year-old convicted kidnapper she had caused the biological parents whose baby was taken from them "immense" pain, the African News Agency reported.
But since the girl was known to the kidnapper, it was necessary to question them.
According to AN NAHAR, Ayyoubi's wife took their daughter and came to Lebanon, where she contacted the Syrian citizen and arranged for him to kidnap her daughter, demanding a ransom that would then be shared between Ayyoubi's wife and the Syrian kidnapper.
Speaking to Reuters the Sudanese official stressed they are ready to forgive the kidnapper who have done a crime and discuss the possibility of legal immunity for the kidnappers.
I hadn't noticed he was gone then we kept receiving postcards from the kidnappers and then last week we got a DVD from the kidnapper.
The drama didn't end there: Paul's friend Roger followed the kidnapper for a period of time, during which the kidnapper fired at least one shot at Roger.
Loney was particularly interested by the kidnapper they had nicknamed "Junior," who claimed he had lost both his parents, his sister, his best friend, and his fiancee in a bombing by coalition forces.
AIP chairman Mohammad Sharaft told Kyodo News that he could not divulge the name of the journalist contacted by the kidnappers but disclosed that, according to officials in the Afghan capital Kabul, the kidnapper used Cantoni's mobile telephone to make the call.
The kidnapper drove to Everett Martin Park about five miles away.
Family secrets come to light as Fin hunts for Ella and her kidnapper, and everything changes for them when they learn about the act of betrayal and infidelity that has prompted the kidnapper to act.
Tension will rise in this situation," on kidnapper told Reuters from the Chad border.
After he was cornered, the kidnapper shot at Kern County sheriff's deputies.
One kidnapper was killed and the three others fled.
The sources said the kidnapper abducted Masashi Nagahara after his mother Kimiyo, 57, said, ''My son can't drive.
The first incident took place in Lakkar Mandi area, where the furious mob severely beat up the alleged kidnapper.