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someone who unlawfully seizes and detains a victim (usually for ransom)

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Latif Khan lodged a complaint with the Pirwadhai Police that the kidnapers have abducted his 14 year old daughter 'B' and his nephew's 16 year old daughter 'A' from a nearby market.
The relatives of the Haji Khan has paid Rs 4 million as ransom and kept continued negotiation with kidnapers and brought the matter into the knowledge of Hazro Police.
The kidnapers were not politically or ideologically motivated and they seem to have been youth who wanted to make a statement about their unemployment situation.
In retaliatory firing 2 kidnapers were killed while 33 years old Masood Farooz was safely recovered.
She said that as a matter of fact those factors who are at back of kidnapers want to change the direction of the investigations by exerting undue pressure on police.