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Synonyms for kid


kid yourself


  • fool yourself
  • delude yourself
  • deceive yourself
  • mislead yourself
  • con yourself
  • bamboozle yourself
  • dupe yourself
  • hoax yourself
  • trick yourself

Synonyms for kid

a young person between birth and puberty

to tease or mock good-humoredly

Synonyms for kid

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My teammates even kiddingly implied that the league might mandate drug testing if I ever had another game like that.
Obviously people kiddingly refer to cloning themselves in terms of personality, tenacity, competitiveness, and doing good work.
I kiddingly said I wanted a 1956 Cadillac convertible with wings - that's nostalgic for me," Kelly said.
And maybe it was when I kiddingly threatened to make him pay me back for the swim camp.
Hawkins, who recently celebrated his 40th birthday, kiddingly talked about donning the required dress and wig for his performance.
You'd better keep up the tradition,'' Donahue said kiddingly - and he told Neuheisel it wouldn't be enough to merely show up.
Kiddingly, I asked Parvenik if that kind of look would work for me.
Lilly, whose brother Mike Evans is the girls' soccer coach at Chaminade, kiddingly said she isn't trying to influence Treinen to stay.