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Synonyms for kid


kid yourself


  • fool yourself
  • delude yourself
  • deceive yourself
  • mislead yourself
  • con yourself
  • bamboozle yourself
  • dupe yourself
  • hoax yourself
  • trick yourself

Synonyms for kid

a young person between birth and puberty

to tease or mock good-humoredly

Synonyms for kid

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I've kiddingly told people it's a product before its time," Coyle said.
He likes the fact that, at a meeting with Japanese retailers at last July's NACDS Marketplace Conference, when asked kiddingly if he had plans to enter Japan, he could respond that, no, he didn't, but that he was looking seriously at southeastern Pennsylvania.
When Editor-In-Chief Marjorie Sorge introduced Nasser at the lunch, she kiddingly told him there were phone calls from DaimlerChrysler waiting for him.
We kiddingly referred to the formula as "creating by the numbers.
He kiddingly dismissed my wondering whether this had been physically exhausting: "Naah .
He also refers to "a certain Madame Sert" which shows a less than complete control over the milieu (or "maloo," as Josephine Herbst used kiddingly to pronounce it), for Misia Sert, one of the great hostesses of the belle epoque and friend to Mallarme and so many other of the modern artists of France, deserves much more than the distancing diminishment of "a certain Madame Sert.
Consider the finest wordsmiths you know: They use pop-phrases only seldom, often guiltily, and usually kiddingly.
Frederic, who does not take part in the priest-baiting, is profoundly attracted to the cleric, so much so that Rinaldi kiddingly implies a sexual relationship (p.
Many, only half kiddingly, noted that if the |80s was the light decade, the |90s would be the "even lighter" decade
As the media kiddingly named them, "Two Nobodies from Nowhere," they continue to capture the creative curiosity of both the public and the media with their unique sense of humor and background.
That is why many people around the world kiddingly refer to our justice system as 'The Money-la, Philippines way.
He also Waded for second baseman Marco Scutaro at the deadline, a deal kiddingly called "The Blockbuster," as Scutaro was named MVP of the NLCS.