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Synonyms for kid


kid yourself


  • fool yourself
  • delude yourself
  • deceive yourself
  • mislead yourself
  • con yourself
  • bamboozle yourself
  • dupe yourself
  • hoax yourself
  • trick yourself

Synonyms for kid

a young person between birth and puberty

to tease or mock good-humoredly

Synonyms for kid

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I found myself talking to anyone who would listen about these kids and how they inspired me.
If kids who are excluded don't react with emotion, other kids who watch may feel badly, and include a kid who doesn't make a scene because their natural empathy kicks in.
The girls have a combined eight summers at challenge camps for gifted kids, and her older daughter will graduate high school with five AP classes and two college courses.
The school is run by founder Toshiaki Furui, and currently offers a full curriculum for kids aged 10 years and older.
While most kids worry about such things as homework and tests, a new kid's list of concerns stretches far longer.
Well, whenever you're talking about kids, [diversity] is certainly beneficial, because it gives kids a chance, from different backgrounds, to deal with each other, to play sports with each other, to interact with each other.
One million kids under six exceed their safe chronic dose on any given day.
I expose my kids to the traditional fixtures of American family entertainment, but they also know the cultural icons of South Park.
It's hard for parents to give up the dream that their kid is normal," says April Port.
We talk about what we did, and the pain and fear we put our victims through, about putting yourself in the other person's shoes," another kid explains.
The kid who yawns when you say "Let's go outside" may be intrigued enough to follow you on a moth walk or a trip to gather twigs for making tea.
While other drugs may merit just as much time and energy spent on education and prevention--the list of what teens can experiment with boggles the imagination--"the fact that even one kid committed suicide on steroids is enough to make it a concern.