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Synonyms for kickoff

Synonyms for kickoff

(football) a kick from the center of the field to start a football game or to resume it after a score

a start given to contestants

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While Super Bowl LII has a scheduled kickoff of 6:30 p.
Lowe did it twice Saturday, recovering a fumbled kickoff and a muffed punt by Oregon State to help the Ducks score a 48-24 win at Reser Stadium.
Decision day: Carroll said he would announce the starter at middle linebacker and for kickoffs today.
Richard Philp has written a column called Kickoff for fourteen years.
Several stations featuring materials students will be using to build the solar house will be at the kickoff celebration.
Twice this season, Stanford games have opened with Owusu returning the kickoff for a touchdown and an immediate lead.
On punt and kick returns, the Trojans could always turn to the most explosive player in the nation with Bush, who returned three punts and a kickoff for touchdowns in his college career.
Northwestern University head coach Randy Walker (L) and Boston College head coach Tom O'Brien were presented with the 2004 Academic Achievement Award at the 2005 Kickoff Luncheon at the AFCA Convention in Louisville.
Getting choice tickets to the big game is always a perk, but only Taco Bell can deliver a shot at gridiron glory by having you take the field and pick up the tee after a kickoff," said Bill Pearce, chief marketing officer, Taco Bell Corp.
Complete Guide to Special Teams provides the tactical insights for gaining an advantage in every facet of the crucial third component of championship squads: kickoffs, kickoff returns, extra points, two-point conversions, punts, punt returns, field goals, and punt and field goal blocks.
That's where The Salvation Army will hold its Kettle Kickoff celebration, a 12-hour fund-raising event featuring a 3,000-pound red kettle, free Cub Foods refreshments, big-ticket prizes and one incredible fire truck.
In fact, the opening kickoff can sometimes set the stage for the rest of the game.
The Patriots' all-time kickoff return leader Kevin Faulk will be signing autographs for the public at a March 19 autograph signing event co-hosted by Paid, Inc.
Drew, the Bruins' star back, had just two kickoff returns for a total of 16 yards as the Trojans rolled to a 66-19 victory.
At Hamilton City, we do it with out "Attack" kickoff return.