kick the bucket

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Bruce Fraser (1970) claims that the derivation of idiomatic expressions has to be a different from the one of literal phrases, namely that the lexical insertion of an idiom takes place as if the phrase were a single lexical unit semantically (the verb phrase kick the bucket as the verb die), but then the phrase is "dismantled" to see if its parts also conform to selectional restrictions and to allow for their regular conjugations and declensions.
I SAW Catinha kick the bucket, so I don't thinkhe'llbe continuing,''Trevor Brooking told us (Celtic v Porto,BBC1, Wednesday).
Tomorrow night's ceilidh includes lively music from Scotland performed by the five-piece line-up, Snap, plus a dance display by local club dancers Kick the Bucket.
As soon as they kick the bucket and head off to heaven or hell or wherever, the public can't seem to get enough of them.
Carrie Fisher must wonder what she's doing here as the house mother who has little to do except kick the bucket in a bloody fashion.
They play two terminally-ill friends who decide to make a list of all the exciting things they want to do before they kick the bucket.
I know lots of people over there and before I kick the bucket I'd like to get my kit off and get some sunshine.
Nothing is completely resolved until you kick the bucket and even then it carries on being a problem for someone else, so it actually never comes to an end.
They give freely in the belief that he will make them his heir when he finally does kick the bucket.