kick the bucket

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Bruce Fraser (1970) claims that the derivation of idiomatic expressions has to be a different from the one of literal phrases, namely that the lexical insertion of an idiom takes place as if the phrase were a single lexical unit semantically (the verb phrase kick the bucket as the verb die), but then the phrase is "dismantled" to see if its parts also conform to selectional restrictions and to allow for their regular conjugations and declensions.
I've created a bucket list of things to do before I kick the bucket and she's helping me do them.
It is subtitled Kick The Bucket And Swing The Cat: English words and phrases and their curious origins.
After a fractious introduction, the oldtimers bond and decide to embrace Carter's idea of a bucket-list - pipe dreams to achieve before they kick the bucket.
THIS isn't a film set in a hardware store, it's about two old gents - wealthy, unpleasant Jack Nicholson and hard-working, dull Morgan Freeman - who meet when they're dying, and list everything they want to do before they kick the bucket.
I stopped here and I want to be buried here with my late wife Alice when I kick the bucket.
Take a load off, and mull this yarn over, lest ye kick the bucket before you get a lick of sense, smart aleck.
I SAW Catinha kick the bucket, so I don't thinkhe'llbe continuing,''Trevor Brooking told us (Celtic v Porto,BBC1, Wednesday).
As soon as they kick the bucket and head off to heaven or hell or wherever, the public can't seem to get enough of them.
In 2013, having previously undergone surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, she was diagnosed with secondary cancer, which meant she was living on "borrowed time", so she decided to make two documentaries, called Before I Kick The Bucket, about living with the disease.
For more information, search Before I Kick The Bucket on Facebook and follow @B4IKTB on Twitter #B4IKTB Cancer patient Rowena celebrates her 40th birthday at Cardiff Castle