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a starter (as on a motorcycle) that is activated with the foot and the weight of the body

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He decided to raise funds for the project through Kick Starter to retain creative control, and set a target of PS75,000 as the minimum needed to make it a reality.
2cc,Transition: Manual Transmission, 5 speed, Constant Mesh,Starter: Self and kick starter
7 mm speed, 196 cc cylinder, 4 speed monocylinder, gasoline driven, over 15 hp, Cdi ignition, electric or kick starter, chain protector, two passengers.
Along the way she maintained an online diary that attained cult hit status and encountered situations that range from the magnificent (getting a seriously seditious kick starter put on in Oregon) to the truly nasty (finding a stripper who stopped spending money on medical cosmetics only when it came to her teeth).
It had an electric starter and if your battery went flat you simply lifted the lid and used the kick starter.
The 2015 Kick Starter Promo allows authors to enjoy the most upgraded features of any publishing packages, allowing them to get published at most affordable ways.