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They're going to refuel their bodies and kick back,'' said friend Mike Babcock, who is in touch with the hikers.
When most financial officers kick back at the end of a full-time career, they may dabble in consulting for nonprofits or local businesses.
Your workweek was scheduled to the hilt, and you are ready to kick back with a good book in peace and solitude.
This is the type of job where you can just kick back and watch fewer and fewer kids recognize you as the years go by.
Hardly one to kick back and relax, Tharp continued in high gear, getting back to the book project she had been working on for a while.
After biking home from work, eating an organic salad for dinner, and sending off your annual dues to Greenpeace, you decide to kick back with an ice-cold Kirin Beer -- not realizing you're supporting Mitsubishi, destroyer of rainforests.
fine art that works on many levels, mind-bendingly deep but a pleasure to kick back and just listen to.
Whenever you feel stressed - and it doesn't take much for that to happen - just kick back by soaking in a bubble bath, smoking a joint, listening to whale sounds and gazing out admiringly at that rug in the living room that ``really holds the room together.
If the number of barrels of beer on the wall is any indication, plenty of Americans kick back and relax with a cold one.