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a curved steel knife with a razor-sharp edge used in combat by the Gurkhas

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Vajra is an archer belonging to the Khukuri class, who are from the snowy peaks in the North.
I had left my weapon outside and all I had at my disposal was the khukuri.
Suddenly, a third enemy appeared but I cut him with my khukuri too.
The British first encountered the Gurkhas - who are most famous for their ever-present khukuri knives - in 1767, as they expanded the East India Company on the borders of Gurkha territory in Nepal.
In Bajhang, the party has ordered locals to participate with khukuri and batons.
In comparison, the curved Nepali or Gorkha knife the khukuri surprisingly spelt kukri in the book --the incorrect anglicized version- though forgivable in the case of other western writers cannot be so in the case of Belaaiti Maailo.
Police recovered a hand grenade, khukuri, a compass and his identity card from Rai's luggage.
Just make one trip to this week's port of call, The Khukuri Nepalese restaurant in Edinburgh.
You'll find The Khukuri near Haymarket on West Maitland Street (the last wee stretch of road before you hit the west end of Princes Street) and we managed to get parked all of 15 yards from the front door.
On the way out of The Khukuri, I couldn't help noticing large paintings of Everest (quite a coincidence as I'd just had double glazing fitted) and this set me thinking .
The NC accused the Maoists of assaulting its activists with bamboo sticks and Khukuri and robbing about hundred and fifty thousand rupees cash and gold and silver worth two hundred thousand rupees.
And out of 5000 entrants, third prize went to Dharma Maharjan, of the Khukuri, in Edinburgh's West Maitland Street.