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the leaves of the shrub Catha edulis which are chewed like tobacco or used to make tea

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He took it in August 2003 - five months before khat ingredients cathine and cathinone were banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency in competition.
In June 2014, khat became a controlled Class C drug in the UK.
Those involved in the khat trade are part of a strong entrepreneurial tradition in Somaliland, a tradition that arose in part following the country's declaration of independence from Somalia in 1991.
The concentrations of the metals (Cr, Co, Cd and Pb) in the investigated vegetables are given in Figures 3-5 for the cabbage, potato, and khat samples, respectively.
We report a systematic review and meta-analysis of the evidence on the association between khat chewing and orodental health, which to our knowledge is the first such work.
Only if they were caught using khat on a third occasion would a person face arrest and a court hearing, according to guidance issued by ACPO.
Officers found what they believed to be around 1,102lb (500kg) of khat, with a street value of at least PS15,000, in pillowcases in the boot and back seat of his black VW.
In the United States, the reaction to khat has evolved over time from its being viewed as a "strange" immigrant habit that posed little harm to the host communities, to its being deemed a "harmful" drug that should be fought as part of the "war on drugs," finally to being treated as an illicit commodity financing terrorism.
Possessing, selling and importing khat - a plant favoured by Somalian communities - is now banned as a class C drug in the UK, as of yesterday.
He uses different variations of Khat in his calligraphic works often combining illumination like gold or silver leaf to enhance the purity of his work.
The two teenagers, both aged 19, were travelling in the direction of Al Khat roundabout when the incident took place.
THE Home Secretary has rejected calls to rethink a planned ban on the drug khat, which is most commonly used by people of East African origin including a sizable Somali community in the West Midlands.
Gen Abdullah bin Muhammad Mahfouz, spokesman of the Border Guard command in Jazan, said officers seized 195,000 pieces of ammunition, 5,500 firearms, 55 bottles of liquor, 2,600 tons of khat, 12 tons of hashish and 10,000 pills.
The pirates engage in human trafficking, trade in guns and the drug khat, and run militias.
khat platoon of natural steroids whose scientific name (Catha edulis) has other names by region located where [1].