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Synonyms for Trojan

a native of ancient Troy

a program that appears desirable but actually contains something harmful


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Particular emphasis is placed on keystroke logging, and as such, the paper also reviews several considerations that researchers must address when trying to use keystroke loggers to collect process data from participants via the Internet.
Malware, malicious software designed to do digital harm to you and your computer, includes spyware, keystroke loggers, Trojans, worms, and viruses.
The network firewall and latest intrusion prevention and detection software should prevent or quickly detect any lingering spyware such as keystroke loggers before it enters the internal network.
All the while the keystroke logger is capturing the patient's personal and confidential information, which will be delivered outside of the healthcare center to the Internet later that morning.
Another simple and small device that those with malicious intent can quickly install is a hardware keystroke logger.
That unsettling possibility is what we face today thanks to the dubious technical achievements that have produced spyware and keystroke loggers.
The virus then places keystroke logger software on the PC and captures any personal and financial data that is entered by the user.
Watchful Eye includes a complete keystroke logger capable of capturing all system keystrokes.
The worm contains a keystroke logger which can be used to record what people type to obtain passwords and credit card numbers, they added.
The KEYkatcher keystroke logger is 4 centimeters long, costs $69, and can store 32,000 keystrokes when it is connected to the cable that runs between a keyboard and a computer.
Seventy bucks at the same site will buy you a keystroke logger with an 8,000-stroke memory, while for a mere $25 you can get a product that claims to be able make it "impossible for a video or still camera to take a legible photograph of your license plate number.
This solution must prevent phishing, man-in-the-middle, keystroke logger and other internet attacks while providing a simple authentication experience for their customers, employees, and partners.