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the stroke of a key


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If infected by malware or otherwise compromised, the API could effectively perform real-time keystroke monitoring for any malicious actor.
has acquired the talent of Atlanta, Georgia-based enterprise-class technology and software consulting company Keystroke Creative, the company said.
By his own standards, the Newmarket handler (right) has endured a quiet couple of seasons, but in Keystroke he's got a horse capable of returning him to the big stage.
Their conclusion is that adding keystroke analysis to text analysis improves the accuracy of the results.
has announced that they have released a new version of ShortKeys software, their keystrokes for Windows program with additions and changes that make the program easier to use and more efficient than ever before.
OTC: SFORD) said that it has received an official notice of allowance from the United States Patent Office stating that a second patent application titled "Methods and apparatus for securing keystrokes from being intercepted between the keyboard and a browser" has been approved for issuance.
However, there is a glaring drawback to the system as transmitting data via sound waves is very slow and Hanspach and Goetz's malware had a sluggish 20 bits-per-second transfer rate, which was still fast enough to transmit keystrokes, passwords, PGP encryption keys, and other small bursts of information.
dateline] the current on the date wire when the keystroke is pressed on the keyboard.
Among the earliest researches on keystroke dynamics had been conducted by [2].
Internet security company Network Intercept announced on Friday the launch of a limited free version of Keystroke Interference, its solution to identity theft.
Frederick Harris Music has acquired the publications Comprehensive Ear Training, Vocal Ear Training and Sight Singing Solution from Keystroke Publishing.
The next time the user logs in, the program permits access only if the keystroke timing is sufficiently similar to its initial data.
The embedded code is then routed to whomever intercepts the keystroke information, and it is then translated back into a record of keystrokes.
Designed by Christchurch company DEsignREM, the KeyPhantom USB Corporate provides a complete real-time record of every keystroke typed on a USB keyboard.
But what if a bad guy could watch you online and could see your documents as you produced them, keystroke by keystroke, then make an electronic record--all without you knowing it?