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the stroke of a key


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Surf Smart keystroke encryption secures everything you type, in real time, at the point of origin (when you type on the keyboard), making your keystrokes invisible to undetected keyloggers hiding on your computer.
Their conclusion is that adding keystroke analysis to text analysis improves the accuracy of the results.
has announced that they have released a new version of ShortKeys software, their keystrokes for Windows program with additions and changes that make the program easier to use and more efficient than ever before.
OTC: SFORD) said that it has received an official notice of allowance from the United States Patent Office stating that a second patent application titled "Methods and apparatus for securing keystrokes from being intercepted between the keyboard and a browser" has been approved for issuance.
However, there is a glaring drawback to the system as transmitting data via sound waves is very slow and Hanspach and Goetz's malware had a sluggish 20 bits-per-second transfer rate, which was still fast enough to transmit keystrokes, passwords, PGP encryption keys, and other small bursts of information.
Internet security company Network Intercept announced on Friday the launch of a limited free version of Keystroke Interference, its solution to identity theft.
Keystroke dynamics can identify senders not just from passwords but by the way the password was input.
Keystroke Publishing, founded by Carol and John Schlosar, created quality ear-training and sight-singing products for music teachers.
Daniele Gunetti and Claudia Picardi of the University of Torino in Italy are creating a system that examines typing rhythms--sometimes called keystroke dynamics--while a person uses a computer, not just at log-in.
KEYSTROKES -- Logs every keystroke as it is pressed.
With a single keystroke, users can quickly and easily transfer summarized sales data directly into their QuickBooks accounting software.
CoDefender software provides password protection, credit card protection and identity theft protection through keystroke encryption.
OTCBB: SFOR) has released GuardedID Anti-Keylogging Keystroke Encryption software for the Microsoft Windows 8 Operating System.
One of the serious threats to a user's computer is a software program that might cause unwanted keystroke sequences to occur in order to hack someone's identity.
THE MIDDLE EAST III-30 Market Analysis III-30 Table 29: The Middle East Recent Past, Current and Future Analysis for Keystroke and Typing Dynamics Market Analyzed with Annual Revenues in US$ Thousand for the Years 2010 through 2018 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-30