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Synonyms for keystone

Synonyms for keystone

a central cohesive source of support and stability

the central building block at the top of an arch or vault

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From one of our funding partners, were grateful for any contribution we receive to help with the ongoing Keystone capital needs," said Shawn Berry, board chair, Keystone Centre.
VERICOM CAT5E and CAT6 RJ-45 keystone jacks are available in both UTP (unshielded) and FTP (shielded) varieties, with VERICOM CAT5E and CAT6 RJ-45 keystone jacks available in 8 different colors that include standard black and white, along with blue, green, ivory, light almond, orange and yellow.
The state department's notice that it will prepare an environmental impact statement and hold public meetings about the Keystone XL pipeline was recently published in the Federal Register.
I think the owner really wanted to use natural stone," said Greg Piper of Keystone licensed manufacturer, Domine Builders Supply.
Keystone species are organisms whose presence helps to maintain the diversity and abundance of other organisms in an ecosystem.
He took the idea to Bob Miner, ACA Keystone Regional president, and Michael Chauveau, executive director of ACA, Keystone Regional.
John DiCola, senior vice president of investments with Keystone Property Trust, stated, "Greenville Yards represents one of the best new industrial opportunities in Northern New Jersey.
The Keystone approach targets these reasons for inadequate performance and provides inter-linked interventions to address each.
The new products--Keystone Amber Light, Keystone Ice and Keystone NA--will be introduced in nationwide markets this month.
Facts: Keystone maintained several defined benefit plans over the period 1983-1988 and met its funding obligation by making contributions to a pension trust.
Basic questions regarding these rules, however, remained unresolved until the Supreme Court's decision in Keystone Consolidated Industries.
Eckhardt of Pennsylvania State University in University Park, the paranthropine keystone pattern occurs on about 8 percent of modern ape skulls.
Keystone Insurers Group, with more than 230 franchise partners in seven states, today announced it will expand into Georgia during the second quarter of this year.
com)-- Please join Keystone House for a Special Sunset Cruise to benefit Keystone, aboard the new 45 ft.
TransCanada Pipelines, on behalf of the Keystone Pipeline partnerships between it and ConocoPhillips, has announced plans to expand the Keystone crude oil pipeline system and provide additional capacity of 500,000 bpd from western Canada to the U.