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the stroke of a key


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Brown switch: Soft pressure point, key stroke with soft tactile contact feedback
The single key stroke blunder on a computer meant she was not diag-nosed until a year later by which time the disease had spread to her bones.
And when they need help, they'll be only a key stroke away from a colleague halfway around the world.
With Reflections, documents and data are present and available at the touch of a key stroke and are stored in highly secure data facilities containing system redundancy which assures reliable document availability.
But Canadian developers Bioware have simplified many of the elements making most moves accessible to newcomers with just one key stroke, while advanced players can still use their favoured routines.
A single drawing can't be rotated to show the breadth or depth of an object; nor can the color or size be changed with a single key stroke.
Secondly, Entier offers incremental text search, which progressively executes the search, narrowing down the results with each key stroke.
These scams typically start with a hacker gaining access to username and password information through phishing and key stroke logging attacks.
With SLI-Ready Ballistix modules, both novices and enthusiasts can now push their memory to the limit with one single key stroke.
Using this technology, as users enter letters into a search window, Entier progressively executes the search, narrowing down the results with each key stroke.
Super jump" and filter functions allow faster cross-reference between dictionaries so a word can be defined and translated into Spanish in one key stroke.
Swipe-and-go system activation configures the interface to each users preferences and a bar code reader reduces key strokes to save time.
They benefit from features such as ECL automation, reduced key strokes, and fraud and loss prevention capabilities to improve employees' productivity as well as enhance the members' teller experience.
They must now make it their business to find out and to ensure they are protected from the dangers that lurk just a few key strokes away from their children's fingertips.
Companies like Google make their living out of trawling and categorising content on the web, so that in a few key strokes you can find what you're looking for.