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a circular ring of metal for holding keys

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A fourth-century golden Roman key ring features a cross where the key ought to be, but Mann notes that both the key ring cross and the emerald-and-garnet cross ring are understated by design.
25, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Today, Key Ring, a TEGNA company, officially announced an update to the highly popular Key Ring app available on iOS and Android devices.
25 (32mm) long and equipped with a detachable key ring loop, the Flash Voyager Mini USB 3.
His lawyers say the stateowned Forensic Science Service mixed up the key ring bought at a car boot sale with live ammunition and then tried to cover up the error by interfering with exhibit numbers.
You will need: Key ring fixing (optional: you could make this tied directly to a bag or pencil case zipper) Beads in red, green and white Red, green and white thin ribbon Instructions Group your ribbons together and then tie them to your key ring fitting.
Join in the fun, and bring Sackboy to life with a new range of products, including key rings, figures, soft toys and beanies featuring Sackboy, Angelica Sackgirl and Marvin Sackboy, plus, two cool posters, so you can recreate the LittleBigPlanet universe in your bedroom.
A police spokesman said: "It is concerning to see how weapons can be disguised to look like legitimate items, as here, a key ring.
The campaign was officially launched yesterday at Reg Vardy on Portrack Lane, Stockton, where customers leaving with a car were handed an information pack and key ring.
And the nervous lawyer who came repeatedly searching for a key ring with an important computer chip on it.
It is being offered at an introductory capacity of 256 MB and can be suited to a student's Lifestyle with the addition of a neck lanyard of a key ring.
The knife had a three quarter inch-long blade, on a key ring.
There are a variety of items on offer and prices range from 99p for a key ring to pounds 29.
Cut off a small bunch of the eucalyptus, and wire it securely to the outside edge of the key ring.
While Tony Blair is touring the Far East will he, perhaps, visit the factories that have made my European named vacuum cleaner in China, my Australian key ring made in China, my trousers made in Indonesia, my camera in Japan and my underpants in Thailand?