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a circular ring of metal for holding keys

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Word soon spread and more and more of the key rings had to be produced to keep up with the demand.
A fourth-century golden Roman key ring features a cross where the key ought to be, but Mann notes that both the key ring cross and the emerald-and-garnet cross ring are understated by design.
25 (32mm) long and equipped with a detachable key ring loop, the Flash Voyager Mini USB 3.
His lawyers say the stateowned Forensic Science Service mixed up the key ring bought at a car boot sale with live ammunition and then tried to cover up the error by interfering with exhibit numbers.
On car key rings, Record driving directions; have detailed instructions all the way; On-the-go memos to yourself; Contact information.
Key Ring will be managed as a stand-alone business.
The Key Change key ring has been devised by nutritionists and allows people to see how much fat, sugar and salt packaged food contains.
The key ring had a Renault Clio key, a house key (with LSH on it) and a padlock key.
Patriotic key ring Use it to decorate a backpack or pencil case, or even to hold some keys.
The popular apps CardStar and Key Ring, which allow customers to keep virtual rewards cards on their mobile devices, are now being used to store library cards.
99 and a selection of Sackboy goodies, including a soft toy, beanie, key ring, figure, poster, mug and gym bag.
570" cases consist of an IP 65/NEMA 4 single molding, which is folded over at the key ring end and secured by two self-tapping screws; from one to four pushbuttons; and a location bar at one end.
Through sales of tickets and of their anniversary key ring, the group raised pounds 1,200 for the children's cancer ward at Newcastle's Royal Victoria Infirmary.
THIS clever key ring enables you to store and transport up to 56 of your treasured photos around with you.