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an ornamental pattern consisting of repeated vertical and horizontal lines (often in relief)

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a Greek key pattern or someone's name for a kid's party
Furthermore, existing key pattern trigger features, such as virtual addresses, would soon be unavailable when embedded within a microprocessor chip.
Assuming the actuality of the key pattern association, one may ask what is the nature of the pattern shared by Features of Style and Vocabulary.
Finding the key pattern requires understanding the underlying environmental causes of behavior.
The study of the brain's master circadian clock - known as the suprachiasmatic nucleus, or SCN - revealed that a key pattern of rhythmic neural activity begins to decline by middle age.
THEY are from circa 1880 at a time that all things Greek (the key pattern around the rim) were popular.
Besides the bluegill connection, another key pattern revolves around stocked rainbow trout.
Best-sellers are the classic Greek key pattern on coir and golf-themed mats.
WICKED White Buzzer, which is predominantly black with two small white dots for cheeks, is a key pattern at JUBILEE.
Boat rods have also fared well, Mike Gadd of Guisborough catching 18 while afloat, with Diawl Bach the key pattern, while Keith Morley had 12 on a similar pattern.
The coordinating towel has a Greek key pattern on the band and the accessories are sponge-textured ceramic with a Greek key decal on the border.
Creative Bath, known for its Lucite offerings, is branching out into fabric-covered accessories to coordinate with its best-selling designs like Belvedere, a Greek key pattern, says Charlie Schaeffer, vice president of marketing and product development, adding that the company also plans to expand its ceramics line at the next market.
While the weather remains warm, Black Gnat is a key pattern, with Daddy Longlegs effective on dull days.
In cloudy weather the dry fly sport is excellent, with large Black Klinkhammer a key pattern, though olives are hatching and attracting fish.
According to Gateway Project Manager Chris Eickhoff, this is a key pattern that they often witness with customers.