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small yellow-green limes of southern Florida

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Icelandic Provisions Key Lime skyr offers sunny citrus and tart flavor notes mixed with creamy skyr, available for a suggested retail price of $1.
Key Lime Air is a regional airline based in Denver, Colorado that has been operating since 1997.
3 tablespoons real Key lime juice (see Cook's Note)
Parker said a "delicate hand" was used when adding the fresh ginger and key lime with much care given to not overdoing it.
At Demarquette, Fine Chocolates Master Chocolatier, Marc Demarquette has created hand-painted designer chocolate eggs that are filled with deliciously creamy caramel in Banoffee, Key Lime and Sea Salted flavours.
FILLING 4 egg yolks 1 (14-ounce) can sweetened condensed milk 1/2 teaspoon grated lime peel 6 ounces Key lime juice
Kermit's Key West Key Lime Shoppe, whose manufacturing and distribution facilities call DeLand home, specializes in key-lime pie and was featured in National Geographic's Food Journeys of a Lifetime.
Key Lime Pie has vibrant, lime-green foliage and contrasts well with dark varieties.
3, and will still be called Jelly Bean, not Key Lime Pie, as reported by Android Police.
Fresh milk was at a premium and it was soon discovered, likely by far-ranging sponge fishermen, that the very sour juice of the key lime would successfully "cook" a mixture of sweet canned milk and egg yolks.
The Cosmopolitan is a blend of Smirnoff, Triple Sec liqueur, cranberry juice and lime flavour, while the Mojito contains Smirnoff, Key Lime liqueur and mint.
The National Association of Specialty Food Trade (NASFT) awarded the 2009 sofi Gold award to Ciao Bella for its Key Lime Graham Cracker Gelato.
Key limes are yellowish-green in color, juicier and the favored ingredient in a true Key lime pie.
It comes in Bluberries N' Cream, Lemon Chiffon, Key Lime Pie, Peaches N' Cream, Black Cherry Jubilee, Strawberry Cheesecake and Strawberry flavors.
US National Transportation Safety Board said it will investigate a Friday morning runway incursion incident at Denver International Airport in which a Frontier Airlines A319 was forced to execute a missed approach in order to avoid a Key Lime Air Swearingen Metroliner that "inadvertently" entered the runway.