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small yellow-green limes of southern Florida

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RUM KEY LIME MUSTARD SAUCE Makes about one cup 1/2 cup mayonnaise 1/4 cup Creole mustard 2 tablespoons Key Lime juice 1 tablespoon cilantro 1/2 ounce rum METHOD: Mix ingredients and let sit for one hour.
Key Lime Caesar Salad, a Florida twist on a classic salad, tossed lightly with our house-made creamy key lime Caesar dressing
9-inch Full HD 1080p display OS Android Key Lime Pie Processor 2.
The new Glazed Lemon Cake with Cream Cheese Icing and Key Lime KREME (TM) Pie doughnuts are av ailable through July 8 at participating Krispy Kreme US and Canada shops.
Recommended items: Pizza, roasted whitefish, potato-crusted halibut, key lime tartlet.
All key lime pies currently for sale declare eggs on the ingredient label.
Transform everyday lemonade into a Lemon Chiffon Latte for an extra-special treat, or create a Key Lime Latte with a tropical twist.
Key lime pie and caramel custard ("flan") are desserts that round out the flavor of Pollo Tropical(R).
0 Key Lime Pie, Google has finally brought it up, having teased the name during its (https://developers.
New and nifty for spring are pale-striped sheet sets with linen pillow pillow shams in choice of key lime, cornflower blue, khaki and fuchsia, priced from $24 to $175.
Among many Key Lime Pie rumors was the idea that devices running dual-core processors would be unable to update to Android 5.
Hard Candy Lollipops (Mango, Key Lime and Watermelon)
For dessert fanciers, there are cookies, brownies and biscotti and on some days special finales like bread pudding, lemon cake, creme brulee, key lime tarts or tiramisu.
Baja Bob's mixes also come in several festive flavors: Original Margarita, Wild Strawberry Margarita, Desert Key Lime Margarita, Lean & Mean Bloody Mary, Crazy Caribe Pina Colada, Loco Lemon Sweet & Sour and Maui Madness Mai Tai in addition to the four martini flavors.