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preaching the gospel of Christ in the manner of the early church


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5) Alonso Nebreda, Kerygma in Crisis (Chicago: Loyola University Press, 1965), 42.
Bultmann contended that only faith in the kerygma, or proclamation, of the New Testament was necessary for Christian faith, not any particular facts regarding the historical Jesus.
One of the "deceptive" aspects of the full title deals with the very notion of tradition; in fact, Smit appropriately draws-out any number of issues within that heading, including especially the "historic episcopate" (along with related issues of primacy and oversight), joint ministry formation, Christology, and the respective understandings of kerygma.
31) La lectura de la obra en la lengua original revela que, para la protagonista, el mandato de Creonte es un kerygma y no un nomos, cuya autoridad se funda en los dioses, el razonamiento humano y el consenso de la comunidad (Harris, 2004: 36).
MacEwen argues that philosophy needs to have a place for kerygma and rhetorical language, as a predominantly descriptive approach makes philosophy the arena of a few technical experts from which most people are excluded.
But suppose one could ratchet up the level of argument for treating ancient Israelite texts as Scripture by demonstrating that later biblical texts constantly reworked earlier ones, tweaked them, changed their theological kerygma, and accepted those texts as in some sense binding.
Bultmann, de Glauben und Verstehen (Crer e compreender, 1933-1965) ficaram atentos a este kerygma que foi a proclamacao inicial da mensagem crista.
School Guidance as Preaching: The Ministry of Kerygma
But in Words with Power he expands the meaning of kerygma far beyond what it had meant in The Great Code.
In other words, Flusser does not see the synoptic accounts as samples of early Christian kerygma, the preaching about Jesus.
By this detour which is the reinterpretation of an old writing, kerygma enters into a network of intelligibility.
Coleman, who has five children of his own plus his wife Paula's five, continues to perform on weekends with the Christian rock band Kerygma and the rhythm and blues band Positive Source.
Troiani discusses <<Il Kerygma di Paolo>> and illustrates in particular the Jewish background of the saint, normally called the apostle of the pagans.
Yet the situation is partly salvaged by the poet's Kerygma, Osundare's redemptive mantra of socialist El Dorado.
The honest reader will not find it so difficult to accept that Caputo desires to speak throughout the text in an "evangelical" voice, that he even goes so far as to wear the tallith of a post-secular prophet, one who genuinely believes that he has heard some good news and who will not leave it to the stones to cry out but will prayerfully, sometimes tearfully, and often playfully, proclaim a kerygma of hope and faith, a saving word about love and transformation, forgiveness and acceptance, and about the constant immanence of the Kingdom of God.