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a flammable hydrocarbon oil used as fuel in lamps and heaters

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In the Asian/Pacific market, distillates are relatively firm; and the approaching winter in north-eastern Asia is prompting refiners to focus on kerosine as heating fuel for Japan and South Korea.
Demand for jet kerosine is to reach 62,800 b/d, up from 59,500 b/d in 2000 and 56,800 b/d in 1999.
25 (1) Providing and laying road development at Devraj urs badavane A block from ring road via court rear side road to kerosine bunk in ward no.
Phase-II will produce 60,000 b/d of naphtha; 53,000 b/d of Kerosine and jet fuel; 24,000 b/d of gasoil/diesel; and 9,000 b/d of LPG.
The vessels transport jet fuel, diesel, kerosine and petrochemicals, mainly for QP.
The retail price of kerosine went up 25% to Rp350/litre and that of bunker fuel was raised from Rp350 to Rp400/litre.
Limited Tenders are invited for Supply of Two Way Solenoid Valve coil voltage: 110 V AC, 3/8" BSP Female threding, medium: Kerosine Oil, pressure:0-1.
Commissioned in late 2005, this uses kerosine from the refinery.
As a result, QP and the main partners in QatarGas are doubling their 146,000 b/d condensate refinery at Ras Laffan to 292,000 b/d to produce more naphtha, diesel, kerosine and LPG.
The proceeds reported by Shell are for a mixture of jet kerosine and burning kerosine and the proceeds for burning kerosine should be higher than for jet kerosine.
Its output has included premium and regular gasoline, LPG for domestic use, kerosine for house-holds, jet kerosine, gasoil, and low pour and high pour fuel oils for industry.
Tenders are invited for Lamp Oil Kerosine Hand Signal Tri- Colour With Burners And Reservoir Comp.
Gary Woodward, general manager for operations and technical supply at Shell, which developed a 50-50 blend of synthetic gas-to-liquids (GTL) kerosine and oil-based kerosine used on the QA flight, said this offered airlines the chance to become less reliant on oil-based fuel.
Mobil's predecessor, which sold Sun-flower kerosine.
It is also buying heavier crudes with a high yield of residual fuel which catalytic facilities, such as the one in Cilacap, crack into value-added gasoil and jet kerosine.