kerosene lamp

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a lamp that burns oil (as kerosine) for light

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Two years ago when I was still using the kerosene lamp, my children could not study for long at night.
Electric power freed rural people from an age of hand-pumped water heated on wood stoves, hand-scrubbed laundry and risky kerosene lamps.
With a unique sign of visionary hope, Bamiyan citizens carried lit kerosene lamps as a sign to President Obama, the United States and the United Nations.
It was nicely lit with a gas light above the table and kerosene lamps.
That meant that my mother, along with everything else involving nine children, had to wash a dozen or so smoky kerosene lamp chimneys and fill the lamps every day or so.
But displayed on a doilied shelf, a clock and a kerosene lamp, time and
Describing Enidinaas chores, she writes, aThe light of my kerosene lamp fell against the skin of hogs hung to smoke.
05) associations of TB with use of mainly biomass, coal, and kerosene as a source of heating fuel, urban/rural locality of residence, residence outside the Kaski district, religion, literacy, construction type of present house, not always having lived in the present house, ventilation, use of a kerosene lamp, tobacco smoking, one or more smokers in the family, alcohol consumption, vitamin consumption, and having had a family member with TB.
I spent many a Saturday night during the long winters at the kitchen table with a kerosene lamp glowing, listening to the fascinating tales of the eastern Arctic and Labrador where Mr.
It is tempting to see a parallel between ResulAAEs life Au triumphing despite adversity, being one of eight siblings, walking six kilometres to school, studying under kerosene lamp light and often doing with just one meal a day Au and that of the Mumbai teen in Danny BoyleAAEs saga of the slum but the sound engineer terms it simplistic.
It read: "Instead of being arrested as we stated, for kicking his wife down a flight of stairs, and hurling a lighted kerosene lamp after her, the Rev James P Wellman died unmarried four years ago.
The buggy ride to the nearest town took an hour and the kids studied their lessons by the light of a kerosene lamp.
The Glowstar Lantern provides 10 times the light output of a kerosene lamp and five hours of light when it's fully charged.
A kerosene lamp, an old army footlocker and two camp bunks with moth-eaten blankets complete the fixings.
On the night of June 23, 1969, the building was gutted by the flame from an antique kerosene lamp.