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a flammable hydrocarbon oil used as fuel in lamps and heaters

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It will likewise reduce the rate of kerosene by P0.
Hundreds of millions of rural families in South Asia, Africa, and across the world spend upwards of $3 per week on kerosene lamp fuel: For lack of grid electricity, their dim, smoky kerosene lanterns are the only option for home lighting.
The detail was discussed with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and under his direction, the government announced to cut the proposed increase in price of petrol and HSD to nearly half while the prices of kerosene oil, High Octane and LDO would be kept unchanged for next month, the minister added.
ONGC and Oil will have to bear subsidy only on kerosene in 2015- 16.
8%, while bigger declines were seen in the sales of kerosene (-18.
KUWAIT, Jan 15 (KUNA) -- The National Assembly recommended on Thursday that the government's decision to lift the subsidies from the prices of diesel and kerosene be withdrawn.
He informed the Prime Minister that the OGRA has suggested increase in prices of petrol, HSD, LSD and HOBC and decrease in price of kerosene oil for the next month.
It entails the fermentation of mainly plant waste to form isobutanol, which is then dehydrated and converted into kerosene using standard refinery processes.
The conventional fuels are basically derived from crude oil, where crude oil is fractioned by continuous distillation into several fractions: Petrol (gasoline), kerosene (kerosene, paraffin oil), diesel (gas oil or heavy oil), vacuum gas oil, naphtha, lubricating oil and residue.
BOSTON -- The state Department of Environmental Protection assessed a $1,900 penalty to Omer Akisik, owner of Bee Zee Gas at 149 Charlton Road in Sturbridge, for failing to notify MassDEP of a release of kerosene at Bee Zee Gas, as required by state environmental regulations.
On the contrary, an increase was recorded in the sales of Asphalt and in the provisions of Aviation Kerosene.
CUSTOMS officers seized more than 2,800 litres of fuel from a filling station in Caerphilly after they found it was contaminated with kerosene.
This first export cargo of GTL blended jet fuel consisted of 40,000 tonnes of a 25% GTL kerosene containing blend and was loaded by RLTO (Ras Laffan Terminal Operator).
He along with the 250,000 residents of Kotkasim, a bloc of Alwar district in western Rajasthan state, were chosen to be part of a pilot scheme to end the sale of subsidized kerosene, a fuel used by the poor for lighting and cooking.
Dikshit had announced the scheme in her budget speech after the government came to a conclusion that subsidized kerosene does not reach intended beneficiaries and often ends up in the black market.