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Synonyms for kernel

Synonyms for kernel

a fertilized plant ovule capable of germinating


a source of further growth and development

Synonyms for kernel

the inner and usually edible part of a seed or grain or nut or fruit stone

a single whole grain of a cereal

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3 to contribute with their kernel dump files as these are needed in the making of untethered binary for the iPads.
Word-sequence kernel usually confronts with very high dimensional and sparse feature space which hinders the effective training of kernel machines.
3 is that Android features are again part the Linux kernel, after the two camps had a falling out a few years ago.
Three replicate kernel samples (100 kernels/sample) were randomly taken from each of the bags stored in laboratory and on-farm at three and six months using a spoon-like sampler.
Popcorn Spritzer pairs nicely with Kernel Season's Premium Raw Kernel Popping Corn.
Kernel Season's is a line of shake-on toppings that allows people to add exciting flavors to their oil-, air- and microwave-popped popcorn.
For the hungry snacker, unpopped kernels at the bottom of a bag of microwavable popcorn are missed opportunities.
Testing is one of the many applications of UML, since the kernel under development can be placed in the user-space of the BlueCat Linux host system.
Recently, an automatic kernel handling system is developed for inspection of grain kernels (Wan, 2002).
Bite into plump, sweet kernels of a just-cooked ear of white, yellow or bicolor corn - and the wonderful sweet taste of summer snaps to life.
In a study conducted by the U of M Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Department and the U of M Entomology Department, graduate students assessed the survivability of Indian meal moth larvae on three diets: 100 percent whole corn kernels, whole kernels mixed with five to seven percent broken kernels, and 100 percent broken kernels.
These rootkits are implemented as device drivers in Windows platforms and LKM's (Loadable Kernel Modules) in Linux.
Have you ever wondered why or how a kernel of this type of corn can pop into the puffy, tasty treats that so many of us enjoy so much, and just where it came from?
The MC gradients cause differential stress inside the kernel, which, if sufficiently large, causes the kernel to fissure.
They all have moisture, a starchy kernel, and a hard overcoating, or hull.