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skin tumor that grows rapidly (especially in older people) and resembles a carcinoma but does not spread

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Intralesional methotrexate treatment for keratoacanthoma tumors: a retrospective study and review of the literature.
positive by Histologic diagnosis samples nested PCR Papilloma/wart 4 0 (0) Actinic keratosis 7 0 (0) Keratoacanthoma 7 3 (43) Squamous cell carcinoma 6 1 (17) Bowen disease/carcinoma 4 1 (25) Basal cell carcinoma 21 3 (14) Malignant melanoma 12 2 (17) All skin tumors 61 10 (16) Perilesional healthy skin 34 8 (24) * MCPyV, Merkel cell polyomavirus; MCC, Merkel cell carcinoma.
Supplementing with essential fatty acids (found in oils such as corn and safflower) may be useful in the case of keratoacanthomas, but again consult your vet as to dosage and frequency of administration.
1,2,10It is thus not entirely surprising that in our patient, the initial clinical impression was that of a keratoacanthoma.
Keratoacanthoma begins as a firm, roundish, skin-colored or reddish papule that rapidly progresses to a dome-shaped nodule, with a smooth, shiny surface and a central crateriform ulceration or keratin plug.
To date, MCPyV has been most commonly studied and detected in the context of Merkel cell carcinoma (3,7), but it has also been identified in Kaposi sarcoma tissue (3), primary squamous cell carcinoma tissue (7), keratoacanthoma tissue from an organ recipient (8), in normal sun-exposed skin (7), and in a small number of control tissues (normal skin, small bowel, hemorrhoids, appendix, and gall bladder) (3).
PATIENTS AND METHODS: Five cases, of which two cases of squamous cell carcinomas, two cases of squamous papillomas and a case of keratoacanthoma arising from the angle of the mouth and involving the adjacent lips are operated under general anaesthesia.
Muir-Torre syndrome-associated sebaceous gland neoplasms include sebaceous adenoma, sebaceoma/sebaceous epithelioma, sebaceous carcinoma, keratoacanthoma with sebaceous differentiation, and basal cell carcinoma (BCC) with sebaceous differentiation.
1314 in two different studies described very good treatment results without recurrence after cryotherapy in patients with Bowen disease and keratoacanthoma.
Maydan E, Nootheti PK, Goldman MP: Development of a keratoacanthoma after topical photodynamic therapy with 5-aminolevulinic acid.
The differential also includes: subungual exostosis, onychomatricoma, amelanotic malignant melanoma, keratoacanthoma, fibrokeratoma, and gouty tophus.
Since no clinical description accompanied the pathology samples, the pathologic diagnosis was keratoacanthoma, a relatively common low-grade malignancy that shares some features with conventional squamous cell carcinoma.