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organic process by which keratin is deposited in cells and the cells become horny (as in nails and hair)

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It may be traumatic in origin due to upset keratinisation when the nail has been formed, but it also can be congenital.
This effect may be due to keratinisation of the glans penis over time, but researchers are not sure why the protective effect increases over time.
Rough skin is usually the result of keratinisation when the keratin (protein) in dying skin becomes crusty.
Among the disorders of keratinisation, pseudoainhum has been reported in association with psoriasis so far.
9) It is thought that a number of factors can lead to keratinisation and gland obstruction including: increasing age; hormonal changes; and the effects of breakdown products from meibomian lipids.
Porokeratosis is a clonal disorder of keratinisation characterized by one or more atrophic patches surrounded by a clinically and histologically distinctive hyperkeratotic ridge- like border called the cornoid lamella.
For this reason gingiva becomes redder when there is an increase in vascularization or the degree of epithelial keratinisation becomes reduced or disappears.
Malasseziosis are secondary to hypothyroidism, hyperadrenocorticism, diabetes mellitus, keratinisation disorders and skin neoplasia (Mauldin 2002).
Retinoids have long been major drugs used to treat disorders of keratinisation such as acne, psoriasis and ichthyosis [1-4].
Melatogenine is a brand new product that actually slows down keratinisation (cell hardening) and so helps to keep the skin smooth.
Among the miscellaneous dermatoses, Keratinisation disorders were seen in 15 patients (5%), Corns were seen in 12 patients (4%), Trophic ulcers were seen in 15 patients (5%), Keloid in 6 patients (2%) and Keratolysis exfoliativa in 9 patients (3%).
3 Early and faulty apoptosis of keratinocytes and dysregulated keratinisation is thought to be behind the pathogenesis.
Manganese: Manganese is indirectly related with the keratinisation process of the hoof as it is required for the activation of galactotransferase and glycosyltransferase enzymes which are needed for the synthesis of chondroitin sulfate side chains of proteoglycan molecules (Keen and Zidenberg-Cherr, 1996; NRC, 2001).
Addition of the monounsaturated fatty acids, oleic and palmitoleic, can induce scaly skin, abnormal keratinisation and epidermal hyperplasia.
90%) Table 7: Other Histopathoiogicai Parameters in Cancer Larynx Patients Other Parameters Cancer Larynx (n=110) Necrosis 80 Mitotic figures-Abundant 36 Mitotic figures-Few 69 Lymphocytic infiltration 75 Keratinisation 47