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Synonyms for option



Synonyms for option

the act of choosing

the power or right of choosing

Synonyms for option

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Howard Johnson has also kept options open with Royal Rosa and Turnstile, also engaged at Wetherby, while Paul Nicholls has included New Little Bric, Bold Fire and Chamoss Royale.
Team boss Terry Mitchell, however, has kept options open with back-up and he has Michael Norris and 19-year-old Aidan Ames keen to step in at this vital stage of the season.
The Welsh Assembly Government has ruled out university top-up fees until the end of the Assembly term in 2007, but kept options open after that date.
Brown kept options open on the pound's future as speculation grew that Britain could join the Euro money system early next decade.
GDI, which is aiming to enhance its share of the offshore market to 50% by 2015, had early this year said it will operationalise three assets this year and kept options open on acquiring more rigs.