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Synonyms for kennel

outbuilding that serves as a shelter for a dog

put up in a kennel

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This same Modern Progress which brought dog biscuit and brass water-taps to the kennels was at work all over the world.
ANY GUN DOG owner intending to build a new dog kennel or wanting to re-build an old one needs to see Mason Company for the best in design, materials and availability for any type of canine confinement project.
By Jonathan Kay THE war of words between trainer Pat Rosney and Kinsley stadium, which began with the first round Gymcrack disqualification of his heat winner Blackstone Ollie, continued right through to final night on Tuesday when the handler objected to the kennel allocated to his finalist The Other Billy who went on to finish third behind Cometwopass.
AS always at this time of the year, kennel cough cases are coming in thick and fast at all of the Donaldson's Vets surgeries this week.
You may have to alter the materials to fit the size of your kennel.
Birkenhead Council Kennels have issued an urgent appeal for help after Louie, a dog found as a stray, became so stressed out with kennel life he began to chew his tail as a coping mechanism.
com)-- Dozor Kennel now offers a wide range of excellent training, boarding, and grooming services for Black Russian Terriers.
To be a kennel worker you should have confidence in handling animals, good teamworking skills, organisational skills, the ability to communicate with a broad range of people, and good observational skills to notice changes in animals' behaviour.
It consists of 2 Buildings-1 Open Air Kennel and Indoor AC Kennel and 2 Sleeping Rooms.
You will not need any qualifications for most kennel jobs, but some organisations do ask for them.
SHREWSBURY - Selectmen have dismissed a petition from 39 residents who complained that excessive barking and accumulation of unsanitary waste makes a Grafton Street kennel a public nuisance.
If you are interested in rehoming a dog, you can call the kennel between 9am and 5.
Officials said Daniel Ruiz, 51, Graciela Garcia, 50, and Ismael Ruiz, 53, bred dogs at their Sun Valley home, where they operated a kennel, and sold Chihuahuas and poodles from the back of two vans along Sunland Boulevard.
Next, Brown finds a handling class at a respected kennel club to familiarize the dog with being in a show environment.
After more than 16 years of operating out of a dilapidated modular kennel initially used by the veterinary clinic, the section now operates out of a state-of-the-art kennel complex completed in August 2004.