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maintain the same pace


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Traditional auctions remain at the core of our business here in Dubai but we have always adapted our sale offering here to ensure we keep step with our clients.
simply unable to keep step with the authors of this slogan.
As the online video industry gears up for the arrival of HEVC technology companies areembracing the latest technology to keep step with the changing times.
RIM, whose devices accounted for one in every five mobile handsets sold in the first quarter of 2009, has struggled to keep step with increasing competition from Apple's iPhone and a panoply of devices based on Google's Android mobile operating system, the paper said.
Russia--a nation with which Japan has had a long-standing dispute over four Russian-held islands off eastern Hokkaido--has chosen to keep step with Beijing, which claims sovereignty over the Senkaku Islands in Okinawa Prefecture.
AMPET[R] can also be tailored to any desired shape and colour, making it easy to keep step with changing market demands.
These web-footed recruits can keep step with the other young officers and even stand at attention on command.
We must keep step ahead A COUNTER terrorism chief yesterday insisted police must be "fl exible and dynamic" when using profi ling to stop suspects.
Few players can keep step for step with Norton, Trinder might be one of the them.
Millie Ward, president of the firm, said that its interactive practices have built new business and helped the agency keep step.
To cover its field, a paper must be equipped to set the pace or at least to keep step with the latest developments and modern progress.
What's more, the tomography must be able to keep step with the production cycle.
My rough guess is that 70 percent of CMOs in office right now need a radical makeover to keep step.
Advancements in telecommunications technology will march on, and rural telcos will keep step with the progress-- provided they are afforded an open opportunity and a favorable regulatory climate within which to bring the next generation of communications possibilities to rural America.
Relevant to any discussion of Guy Maddin's work is Mexican writer Carlos Fuentes's observation that "a writer but does conjugate the tenses and tensions of time through verbal means, and his scope is dismally reduced if he, too, in order to synchronize with the ruling philosophy of modernity, must keep step with the indiscriminate rush toward the future, disregarding the only fullness in time: the present where we remember and where we imagine.