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  • verb

Synonyms for keep off

refrain from certain foods or beverages


refrain from entering or walking onto


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Keep a throw or blanket at hand to keep off the chill, so you can enjoy your garden well after the sun goes down.
PSI, like many of our customers, has extremely sensitive data that they prefer to keep off public networks like the Internet," said Ron Loback, executive vice president and chief operating officer.
POWYS Council has urged people to keep off frozen pools, canals and lakes and to take care when walking near any frozen water.
VARIOUS: Twos On 2 (Universal) It's a standard pop quiz question - which classic track did Joe Dolce keep off the top spot with Shaddap You Face?
Try to keep off the lawn and any other grassed areas if the surface is frosted or covered with snow - untold damage can be done at this time of year.
Water the new lawn and keep off it for a couple of months.
PAKISTAN captain Rashid Latif begged fans to keep off the pitch today as Old Trafford was placed on high alert for crowd trouble.
BATHERS were warned to keep off a mid Wales beach after untreated sewage leaked into the harbour.
When I was near enough to read it, it said "Please keep off the grass".
Holtie managed to keep off the booze throughout January (I am led to understand it's his longest dry period since prep school) and will be celebrating this evening near his home in Edinburgh.
She's hard to keep off the bases with her speed,'' Potts said.
They were warned by British officials to keep off the streets.
We make every effort to keep off the highways,'' he said.
There are kids on the park day and night destroying our so called heritage, so to keep Liverpool FC keep off the park is a joke.
People think adultery is wrong the way people think it's good to be thin,'' yet lack the will to keep off the weight.