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suffice for a period between two points

be a regular customer or client of

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For us, it is a learning process and we have to keep going.
We just need to keep going and work hard to turn it around.
We need to keep warm but the prices just keep going up and up.
We just have to keep going until the end of the season and hopefully at the end of the season we will all be celebrating.
So all I did was just keep going and after that it just got better.
Time is running out but we have just got to keep going and working hard," Henry admitted.
You'll keep going and going and going, too, back to the pages of Go Figure
And keep going he did as he cracked six fours and a six in a 46-ball unbeaten 58 to seal an exciting three-wicket victory.
Run and slap the floor with your feet, keep going, hold your partner around his waist, keep going, and now jump up on his shoulders, keep going.
Every month, we show about US$10,000-$15,000 in red ink, and I must borrow money from different sources to keep going," he sighs.
We've dialed up the humor and have showcased the Energizer Bunny for what he represents to so many people--an inspiration to keep going, to never quit," says Jeff Ziminski, vice president of marketing for North America.
It is sometimes so discouraging to be living in the United States at this time, but you have inspired me to keep going in the hope that this sad period of neocon rule will not last forever, and the will of the people will once again be known.
The influence of those guys made it possible for him to keep going in a sport he loved.
Drowne, first jockey to Mick Channon, had a previous best score of 80, but he has easily eclipsed that mark this year and, with the maiden 100 now in the bag, he intends to keep going for a while yet before resting on his laurels.
The book makes the point well, focusing on faith and the `black love' found among black families--blood relatives and otherwise--who provide the strength and support to keep going when bad things happen.