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place a limit on the number of


put down by force or intimidation

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Dow a]so put in alkali bulrush to keep down the wave action.
But for some, these things pay off, and others find alternatives that meet their needs yet simplify the work and keep down the costs.
In addition, ensuring that you receive safe, high quality, cost effective repairs, keeps the cost of your claim down and can help to keep down the cost of auto insurance for all consumers.
We are now hearing stories of hard-up families huddling together in beds early in the night in a bid to keep down costs.
The Seasiders'' closest call arrived in the second stanza when Darren Gowans'' volley came back off the post and Dean Seager was unable to keep down the rebound.
SQUEAMISH Timmy Mallett struggled to keep down a revolting "penis colada" as he was dumped out of I'm A Celebrity yesterday.
We were told privatisation would not just improve the service and modernise the industry - it has done precious little of either - but competition would keep down prices.
The complex, on 20th Street East at Avenue R near Palmdale High School, is one of the properties certified under the city's Partners Against Crime program, which provides training to landlords and managers about how to keep down crime and avoid other problems.
The offer is part of a joint initiative between Warwickshire's Country Parks Service and the North Warwickshire Rural Transport Partnership, to give everyone a chance to visit events in their local area while helping to keep down the number of vehicles on the roads.
Physicists chose this innovative design to keep down the cost of the new $115 million accelerator and to demonstrate the feasibility of such a scheme for accelerating and colliding particles at high energies.
Part of 360Commerce's business philosophy includes embracing standards and open source options to enable retailers to leverage current technology investments and help them keep down the cost of new and future solutions.
Tesco announced earlier this week it will start sourcing cheaper brands in the UK to keep down costs for shoppers.
Does anyone actually think that the billions being given to local councils to keep down this year's council tax would have been done if it were not an election year?
A key goal of Glas Cymru has been to grow its financial strength to make the business secure and to help keep down customers' bills in the long term.
Saying the move will help keep down costs, Northrop Grumman announced it was expanding the scope of work at its planned Jackson County, Miss.