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place a limit on the number of


put down by force or intimidation

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This work is done in "clean rooms" where ventilation is highly controlled to keep down dust and remove anything that might contaminate the sensitive chips.
Finally, he explains how the industry lobbies to keep down the minimum wage.
Although the MLC has acknowledged processing these lambs can be prohibitively expensive, Fisher believes this is not an insurmountable obstacle: "We have concentrated on three main cuts -- legs, whole shoulders, and double lamb chops, to keep down costs.
Expenses, expenses, that's what we have to keep down.
So, the new law included punitive family-values provisions: the child exclusion (or "family cap"), which denies aid to children born to women on welfare; the "illegitimacy" bonus for states that keep down non-marital births without increasing abortions; the funds for sexual-abstinence but not sex-education programs; and stiff paternity and child-support rules.
At a time when no one is immune to the plague of low-wage labor, it's important that artists, educators, writers, and designers see this informal arrangement for what it is - and speak out against the exploitation of the prestige of cultural work to keep down wages in a market where labor supply will always outstrip demand.
Luksa said successful belt-tightening at the company led to a minimal increase in operating expenses that helped keep down the amount of the company's request.
Dow a]so put in alkali bulrush to keep down the wave action.
But for some, these things pay off, and others find alternatives that meet their needs yet simplify the work and keep down the costs.
In addition, ensuring that you receive safe, high quality, cost effective repairs, keeps the cost of your claim down and can help to keep down the cost of auto insurance for all consumers.
The Seasiders'' closest call arrived in the second stanza when Darren Gowans'' volley came back off the post and Dean Seager was unable to keep down the rebound.
Tesco announced earlier this week it will start sourcing cheaper brands in the UK to keep down costs for shoppers.
SQUEAMISH Timmy Mallett struggled to keep down a "penis colada" as he was dumped out of I'm A Celebrity.
We were told privatisation would not just improve the service and modernise the industry - it has done precious little of either - but competition would keep down prices.
The complex, on 20th Street East at Avenue R near Palmdale High School, is one of the properties certified under the city's Partners Against Crime program, which provides training to landlords and managers about how to keep down crime and avoid other problems.