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Synonyms for keeled

having a ridge or shaped like a ridge or suggesting the keel of a ship

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We have been treated to the spectacle of what are practically keeled racing-planes driven a clear five foot or more above the water, and only eased down to touch their so-called " native element" as they near the line.
It was a twenty-four-foot crocodile, cased in what looked like treble-riveted boiler-plate, studded and keeled and crested; the yellow points of his upper teeth just overhanging his beautifully fluted lower jaw.
Among its avian characteristics, Mononychus had a keeled sternum, which in modern birds provides a broad surface for anchoring the flight muscles.
Because moles and other diggers have keeled sternums and wrists reminiscent of birds, the classification of Mononychus becomes difficult, he says.
But the specimen is considerably more modern looking than the primitive archaeopteryx, having foot bones and a keeled breastbone that resemble those of birds today.