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disagreeable aftereffects from the use of drugs (especially alcohol)

loud confused noise from many sources

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Hogan's Alley, The Katzenjammer Kids, Little Nemo in Slumberland, and The Kin-der-Kids all contain young people as protagonists.
Refreshingly lacking in pretension, Rockland could and should make the Katzenjammer girls rich and famous outside their native Norway.
When Katzenjammer want to, as in jazzy and powerful Driving After You, they can hit the right notes, they can sing.
The first team was called the Katzenjammer Kids from the cartoon at that time.
but there are also revelatory pages from the less-gentrified alleyways of the first Sunday funnies: the raucous vaudeville of Happy Hooligan and The Katzenjammer Kids, to be sure, and a mayhem-filled Kelly's Kindergarten by R.
Ike Golovitch, a character apparently meant to suggest the authoritarian behavior of the average German in those days, but whom Jones makes speak in the diction and syntax of a Katzenjammer Yoda.
In his section on the ludicrous anti-German hatred that enveloped America in 1917, for instance--the city of Pittsburgh banned Beethoven--he reproduces a fascinating strip from the comic Katzenjammer Kids, in which the title characters tell a judge that they are actually Dutch: "Chudge, ve vant our dod-gasted name changed
The app includes all of King's comics features as wells as an assortment of vintage strips, such as "Beetle Bailey" and "The Katzenjammer Kids.
Andre Breton utilizo los bocadillos o speech balloons en su ilustracion Tragic, In the Manner of Comics, de 1943, y todos ellos fueron muy conscientes de la existencia y el valor de los "funnies", a los que fueron aficionados: por Gertrude Stein sabemos que Picasso era un lector asiduo de los Katzenjammer Kids (7), de Rudolph Dirks--fuertemente inspirados, precisamente, en los Max und Moritz de Busch--, que el tambien surrealista George Grosz mencionaba como una influencia muy real en su propio trabajo; Joan Miro y Willem de Kooning fueron grandes fans del Krazy Kat de George Herrimann (8), y el propio Breton se contaria, ya entrados los anos 60, entre los admiradores de la Barbarella de Jean-Claude Forest (9).
En este pais se implanto definitivamente el globo de dialogo, gracias a series comicas y de grafismo caricaturesco como The Katzenjammer Kids (1897), Krazy Kat (1911) o Bringing Up Father (1913).
The same trope is on display in rising director San-dor Zsoter's site-specific festival staging--in the rooms and gardens of a private townhouse adjacent to a public square in Pecs--of Brecht's 1938 anti-Nazi sketch Fear and Katzenjammer in the Third Reich (more often known as The Private Life of the Master Race).
For instance, Art Spiegelman's 2004 In the Shadow of No Towers examines 9/11 posttraumatic stress disorder by combining 10 large-scale pages of material about his family, living in lower Manhattan near Ground Zero, with two essays and reproductions of early 20th century comic strips like The Katzenjammer Kids and The Yellow Kid.
Some of her sentences are as explosive as the mortars that fall on Martha's father during the war, and like Martha's father, other sentences are buried alive, only to be extricated through the remarkable thrust of a spadelike word, while still others glide over the lip of the page, leaving the reader to face a katzenjammer of their own the morning after.
Le Pop, Katzenjammer (Nettwerk): Coming off its first U.
Si les Katzenjammer Kids sont la caricature d'emigrants allemands aux Etats-Unis, Happy Hooligan concerne celle des emigrants irlandais et Abie the Agent est un des premiers a mettre en evidence la minorite juive, sans ironie >> (Moliterni et Mellot 1996 : 32).