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of an air current or wind


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1989: Satellite analyses of Antarctic katabatic wind behavior.
By contrast, the characters in Blindness go through hell (in the doubly figurative sense of the suffering they endure and the katabatic descent into an infernal space), but the trajectory of their nostos propels them on to what Alexopoulou, in her study of Homer's epic, calls a "joyful homecoming" (21).
Holistic in approach in conception, the aerodynamic shape is designed to withstand the strong Katabatic winds and is built in concentric layers with the living, sleeping, kitchen, and laundry space around a central core that holds essential components.
Turnell (above), who saddled Katabatic to land the 1991 Champion Chase, was no stranger to success at the meeting during his career as a leading jockey, and friends and colleagues throughout the sport are hoping he can taste glory again as he recovers from a recent stroke.
The trees seemed to be articulating some kind of a downdraft--a narrowly adapted katabatic breeze, perhaps, rushing off the ridge as the valley cooled.
The South Pole marathon is a formidable and Antarctic challenge with underfoot conditions comprising snow and ice throughout, an average windchill temperature of --20C, and the possibility of strong Katabatic winds to contend with.
Today a latent poetry echoes in the names we use to distinguish foehn winds from gravity airflows and Katabatic winds from the Khamsin.
As with the earlier stories, his Dark Materials books deserve to be appreciated alongside katabatic literature aimed at adults.
Hence his katabatic mission to retrieve Teresa/Alcestis symbolizes the defeat of the triumphal violence and brutality that nourish totalitarian regimes.
Meteorological data from the summit indicate that air temperature inversions and katabatic winds are significant features of the regional climatology that also affect accumulation and ablation.
Thanks to katabatic winds at Patriot Hills, our flights have been delayed, which gives me hope that my bags will get to me in time," he said.
Looking across a range of post-1945 katabatic narratives, Falconer argues that the horrors of twentieth-century history have convinced many in the West that hells do actually exist and that survivors have indeed returned from them.
Examples of specific topics covered include aircraft electrification, airmass, anabatic wind, boundary layer, convection, Dansgaard-Oeschger event, Dobson spectrophotometer, gradient wind, katabatic wind, meteorology, noble gases, pollution control, temperature scales, waterspout, and Venturi effect.
Katabatic winds, created by variation in air-mass temperatures, are found in places like the upper Matanuska Valley and near Seward and Juneau.