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the leaves of the shrub Catha edulis which are chewed like tobacco or used to make tea

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Kat had fallen into the sea and been hit by the propellers of a boat, while Alfie was last seen flatlining mid-way through a brain operation.
Just before Anna's race, Kat gives her some last minute words of wisdom: to have fun
It features several Moleson Kit Kat bars and a matcha topped ice-cream-filled monaka wafer bar, placed in a glass cup while being cooled to sub-zero temperatures by a bowl filled with dry ice.
Kat, far left, next to Kevin Spacey in Los Angeles last month with Maggie Gyllenhaal and Dana Brunetti, far right, and fellow First Shot winners Jason Perini and Cameron Thrower Kat went to LA to shoot her film along with two other finalists Kat with star Maggie, Dana Brunetti and fellow competition winners
Kat insisted Lizzi had agreed to be tied up with bondage ropes, but while Kat was on top of Lizzi, she'd suffered a seizure, suffocated and died.
Pizza chains Napoli no Kama and Strawberry Cones have started using the Kit Kat Bakes in their recipes, to produce sweet, dessert pizzas.
One minute Kat is telling Stacey it's too risky for her to even be in London.
With $40,000 (Dh147,000) up for grabs in the Kit Kat Comedy Break competition, all entrants have to do is upload a short film of their comedy routine on www.
Friends of the actress, who plays fiery Kat Moon, say she is feeling "100 per cent" better and can't wait to get back to Albert Square.
The first Kit Kat factory in the Middle East recently invited school children aged 7-11 to explore its state-of-the-art facility in Dubai.
Annie Lennox's daughter Tali and her friend Kat are fronting the campaign.
To celebrate the launch of Kit Kat Pop Choc, The Grocer is giving five readers the chance to win five outers of the new sharing bags.
Kat took out time from her shooting schedule to wish ex- beau before he went for the trip.
Nestle has been particularly innovative in the promotion of Kit Kat in Japan, with new and novel flavours being introduced alongside novel marketing campaigns.
CHICAGO, IL Kat Saari, 24, died on February 15th at her home in Chicago.