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(Hinduism and Buddhism) the effects of a person's actions that determine his destiny in his next incarnation

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Karma Automotive was established in 2014 by the Wanxiang Group, which purchased the assets of Fisker Automotive Inc.
Pre-orders for Karma Go have begun, with a limited time offer for early-adopters of USD 99, (MSRP USD 149).
Those customers who join Karma in their movement, and own a hotspot today, will receive exclusive upgrade options to the 4G LTE network in the future.
Currently, there are four varieties: apple and cinnamon; mango; dark chocolate and raspberry and Sweet Karma has plans to expand the range.
The impact on Karma Kitchen's customers, though harder to quantify, was even more astonishing.
Colin Cordery, Managing Director, Trading Enterprises said: "We are extremely proud to have delivered the first GCC approved Fisker Karma in the region.
The Karma Fusion Holistic Treatment costs PS40 for 80 minutes at Karma Beauty, 4 Eagle Lane, Cowbridge, CF71 7AL, www.
This incident resulted from a single, faulty component, not our unique Ever powertrain or the engineering of the Karma.
Karma dahlias offer the usual shapely and colourful blooms, but they keep their flower power once cut, with a vase life of up to 12 days.
So is the Fisker Karma a gift to The Beibs or is The Beibs a gift to the Fisker Karma?
He referred to Karma as a Maserati for the upscale green set.
The Karma range, which is due to hit shelves next month, comprises menthol slim filters, classic filters, slim kingsize rolling paper Karma Blue, king-size rolling paper Karma Green, and standard-size rolling paper booklets Karma Green Cut Corners.
The luxury Fisker Karma has an aluminium spaceframe chassis, mid-mounted batteries and twin rear electric motors, plus a 2.
Summary: SIDON: Wissam Karma, a Palestinian blacksmith, said that time has shown that the traditional crafts have gained in popularity as demonstrated by the increasing demand for handmade metal designs.
Nevada (US), Mar 9 (ANI): A new film, titled "Karma: The New Revolution", will explain the role of Karma in the recent golfer Tiger Woods' apology, according to reports.