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singing popular songs accompanied by a recording of an orchestra (usually in bars or nightclubs)

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2) Sal Ferraro, owner of Dimples, prints out photos of karaoke singers on a computer in the kitchen.
In addition to the karaoke programs, trial-listening applis for ringtones (shichou appli) are quite common and can be found on just about all of the major ringtone sites.
A Twitter contest of sorts continues to up the ante on the Animoji Karaoke videos.
More than 100 singers and groups - includingAdeleandAbba- have made a shock decision to stop issuing new licences for their music, which also affects home karaoke machines.
He said: "I love karaoke, it's my only source of entertainment.
Located in Byblos Hotel, Al Barsha Heights, this cosy spot has eight private karaoke rooms.
Allan MacDonald states “Bellelli Productions specializes in Karaoke Contests.
Book your ChristmaS s party in this fantastic venue and avoid the crowds with your own private karaoke room, where you and your friends can enjoy a relaxing evening in the perfect location.
Which was that, after a brief moment of acclimatisation - in which I stood in the corner all awks and clammy of palm - a karaoke demon possessed my body.
If karaoke is your thing, though, you don't need to own a game console with fancy microphones or make a trip to a club; the smartphone app stores are full of karaoke apps.
Matt Damon and John Krasinski co-wrote, co-produced and star in Focus Features' "Promised Land," so naturally the small-town drama that presents them as opponents boasts a karaoke scene.
The fantasy component of karaoke just got a little more real.
DISCO/KARAOKE Insole, Harvey Street, Canton, Cardiff Karaoke, 8pm.
This was in the days before karaoke sneaked into pubs, homes, clubs and special events.