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hardy coarse-haired sheep of central Asia

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The combined heat and power plant in Karakul provides heating for 57 organizations and 900 residential buildings.
Over the decades, Karakul fur products have been one of Afghanistan's main exports and sources of foreign exchange revenue.
At this time Karakul, Scottish Blackface, Tunis, Cotswold, American Coopworth, Leicester Longwool, Hog Island, Icelandic, Navajo Churro, Jacobs, and Lincolns have been pledged.
Karakul Since Gucci designer Tom Ford called Afghan leader Hamed Karzai the chicest man in the world, sales of his signature Karakul hat have soared.
There is a great surge in cattle fodder demand in all Central Asian States due to sheep breeding in desert for export of Karakul skin.
Turkmen living in the Murgab River delta (Margiana oasis) traditionally farmed and herded karakul and fat-tailed sheep with some goats.
House of Representatives, Kurt Karakul, President, Third Federal Foundation; Barbara R.
grabEwka, sobolewo, sowlany, henrykowo, dungarees, karakul, tight and the city suprasl.
Meanwhile, businessmen from China, Russia, UK, the UAE, Turkey and Azerbaijan purchased confectionery, refined cottonseed oil, karakul wool, as well as truck transport for over 6.
As a means to provide horse lovers with a better insight on the history, background and behaviour of the wild horses, Dr Greyling, together with Goldbeck and Ron Swilling, have published a book titled: Wild Horses of the Namib Desert, which will be available at the Namibia Tourism Expo from 4 to 7 June in the Gondwana Hall (former Karakul hall).
In makeshift stalls one could see the prized camels and their newborn, the Sarja, Karakul and Merino sheep with their freshly born kids, the Swiss, Holstein and local cows, the Marco Polo sheep and the mountain goat.
Trade: Exports (2009)--$ 3 55 billion: diamonds, uranium, zinc, copper, lead, beef, cattle, fish, karakul pelts, grapes.
Karakul is the name of a sheep bred in Central Asia, which is known for its soft and curly pelt.