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an oblong metal ring with a spring clip

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Caption: Norwegians serving with the Waffen SS were armed with the Karabiner 98k Mauser.
Robust, comfortable and fashionable canvas backpack with karabiner and many outside pockets, individualry adjustable, ideal for hiking and any other outdoor activities, CHF 69.
Attachment to the line is via a fall arrest karabiner and passage through intermediate supports, which are activated by a one-handed twist.
A belayer holds the end of the rope, hooked to his or her karabiner and through the belay device, to take up rope slack as the climber ascends the wall.
It was so cold that each piton, each karabiner stuck to my hand and took away a little more skin.
1891g (Mosin-Nagant), French Fusil d'Infanterie Modeles 1886/93 (Lebel), 1907/15 and 1916 (Berthiers), German Infanteriegewehr 98 and Karabiner 98AZ (Mausers), Japanese Type 30 and 38 (Arisakas) and Austrian Repetier-Gewehr M.
Military Small Arms Ammunition and the Karabiner 98k, clearly reflect this trend.
The most common rifles were the German Karabiner 98k, the Italian Fucile di Fanteria Modello 1891, and various Moschetti Modello 1891.
Tenders are invited for Full Body Harness And Rope Lanyard With Karabiner On Both Sides Similar To Model No : Uehmpl-Fbh-802 For Full Body Harness And Model No : Prl 03 For Rpoe Lanyard Of Uttoron Engg.
In 1935, Mauser Waffenfabrik began production of a short rifle that combined features of Germany's earlier Karabiner 98AZ and the Puska vz.
An artillery version, the Gewehr 91, was virtually identical to the Karabiner 88, though it was distinguished by a stacking swivel tacked on to the bottom of the front barrelband.
Available in three models, one without karabiner connections allowing you to use your existing hardware, and two with different sized karabiners that allow connection to a variety of stretcher makes and models to safely and efficiently evacuate or rescue and injured person in stretcher recovery operations.
Both the ZH-29 and vzor 37 were captured when the Germans annexed Czechoslovakia, and design features of these rifles will be found in both the subsequent German Gewehr 41(M) and Karabiner 43.
Tenders are invited for Assembly Of Karabiner Screw Typedrg.
In late 1908, the artillery branch of the army requested a pistol/carbine so as to arm crews with a weapon handier than the issue Karabiner 98 Mauser, and the Kriegsministerium assigned Hauptman Adolf Fischer the task of developing such a weapon.