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small New Zealand broadleaf evergreen tree often cultivated in warm regions as an ornamental

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Adio's bhangra experiment began and ended with a single track, entitled 'Sikitiko' (Regret), whose accompaniment features (synthesized) Indian string and percussion sounds (sitar and tabla) mapped onto a rhythm much closer to kapuka than a Punjabi folk beat.
15) Kapuka is an onomatopoeic term used in Kenya to refer to a duple-metre drum beat in which the bass drum plays steady half notes as the snare drum fills in syncopated upbeats.
Por ejemplo, la juventud keniana tiene el genge y el kapuka, estilos que recuerdan el hip-hop y el rap de Estados Unidos, pero con rasgos tipicamente locales.
In the picture: Quality control workers of the company, Sophia Kapuka (left) and Harriet Simasiku.
Nungwari, pe tataimbwa aayo imba ovayandjaruvara kotjira tjoSWAPO va kapuka nokutaura inga omarapi nave tanda kutja ngwa rarakana omarapi ngo ma tonwa.